Sportsbook 5% Daily Deposit Bonus, Bonus up to RM88

Promotion Period: 24/3/2020 - 30/4/2020
Minimum Transfer Amount Deposit Bonus (%) Maximum Bonus Rollover Requirement Application Method
RM100 5% RM88 (Deposit + Bonus)x6 Times Apply through self-promotion page

《Application Rules & Regulations》

  1. This promotion is applicable to SPORTSBOOK only, each member can apply for the promotion once a day.
  2. This promotion is limited to bets on [sports events] only. Any and all bets made within said category will be classified as valid bets.
  3. Should there be any unattended bet settlements deduced from sports betting during the promotional period, any unlocking of promotions and withdrawal can only be executed once iBET completes the settlement.
  4. A member is required to fulfil one of the conditions below should he/she wishes to unlock the promotion:
    Condition 1: A member is eligible for the unlocking of promotion and application for withdrawal should he/she fulfils any and all of the rollover requirement.
    Condition 2: A member can apply to unlock the promotion should the member places bets until the account balance reaches zero (0) or lower than the minimum bet amount specified by the designated game room.
  5. Any invalid bets, ties, cancelled bets, parlays (betting slip), and any sports betting odds lower than 1.70 (European odds), odds bet (Malaysian odds 0.70, Hong Kong odds 0.70, Indonesian odds -1.20, American odds -120), Greyhound racing, numbers game, and virtual games will not be categorized as valid bets.
  6. During the promotion period, any required rollover amount will not be entitled to any and all online rebates. Only upon fulfilling the rollover requirement, the excess amount will be entitled to a rebate bonus.
  7. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  8. Failure to collect the promotion bonus within 30 days after the automated distribution will result in the said bonus and all profits earned being forfeited.
  9. ※All sports events are displayed following Eastern Time Zone (Beijing Time -12 hours)

《Self-Promotion Instructions》

Step 1.Successfully login member account,click「Self-Promo」→「Self-Deposit」,select the promotion and participate to claim offer

Step 2.According to the instructions on the page,select the favor betting game room、total,enter completed and system will display the transfer amount and bonus which has been transferred successfully into the game room with the required rollover

Step 3Confirm the application and click on「OK」button on below, system will be automatically transfer and bind the amount with bonus into the selected transferred game room

Step 4.Completed betting amount / Withdrawal request,you must first go to the「self-promotion」→「unlock」,select the game room to be unlocked to submit request,until the system approved,may re-deposited in the game room to bets/ make withdrawal


《Terms & Conditions》

  1. Promotions are for entertainment purposes only, if founded that the user has more than one account, including same name, same email address, same/similar ip address, same home address, same bank account, same computer and so on with abnormal betting behavior, once discovered, iBET will retain the right to freeze your account along with profit and balance.
  2. Any opposite bets, tie, any both side betting (cross-site opposite bets) rejected bets, invalid bets, draw and any less than 1.70 (European Odds bet)  (Malay Odds 0.70; Hong Kong Odds 0.70; Indonesian Odds -1.20; U.S. -120), Greyhound, Trainer, Virtual Games will not be calculate into a valid bet amount
  3. Any betting done by through third-party illegal software such as 「robot」and 「Open Double / Multiple Windows」may be considered as illegal betting. iBET reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.
  4.   iBET reserves the right to check all members' betting records and reserves the right to suspend, cancel or claim back all offers any time if a member breaches the rules and regulations of the event or has any non-entertainment use for profit-making.
  5. If the account is suspected of being abused and / or not eligible for the promotion, iBET reserves the right to ask the member to submit relevant supporting documents to verify for identity verification.
  6. Any individual / team / organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose to cheat/ abuse of bonus, once verified, iBET reserves the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances
  7. By participating in this offer, you are agreeing to the (Terms & Conditions and Application Rules & Regulations)
  8. iBET reserves the right to amend, terminate or the final interpretation of this promotion and to change this event without any prior notice.
  9.  If found illegal betting situation, iBET shall freeze the deposit (including the amount of profit and bonus), the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0)