MAXBET Sportsbook Rebate, Up to 0.35% Everyday!

Promotion Period: 28/10/2019 - 30/4/2020
Enjoy the MAXBET Gameroom now and get 0.35% rebate everyday!
Qualification Rebate % Application Method
All Member 0.35% System Distributed To Main Wallet


《Application Rules & Regulations》

  1. Valid daily rolling amount is accumulated each day from 00:00:00(GMT 8) to 23:59:59 (GMT 8), the system will automatically calculate the daily settlement for the member’s previous day’s valid betting amount for those who has not self-claimed the rebate. The rebate will be distributed on the same day at 18:00:00 (GMT 8). (Sports display is US East Time (Beijing time -12 hours), based on the settlement time of the payout.)
  2. No rebate bonus available for games below:
    All invalid, draw, canceled or betting on both opposing teams ( Cross-Betting )  and any less than 1.70 (European Odds bet)  (Malay Odds 0.70; Hong Kong Odds 0.70; Indonesian Odds -1.20; U.S. -120), Greyhound, Trainer, Virtual Games will not be counted as a valid bet.


《Terms & Conditions》

  1. Promotions are for entertainment purposes only, if founded that the user has more than one account, including same name, same email address, same/similar ip address, same home address, same bank account, same computer and so on with abnormal betting behavior, once discovered, iBET will retain the right to freeze your account along with profit and balance.
  2. Any betting done by through third-party illegal software such as 「robot」and 「Open Double / Multiple Windows」may be considered as illegal betting. iBET reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.
  3.   iBET reserves the right to check all members' betting records and reserves the right to suspend, cancel or claim back all offers any time if a member breaches the rules and regulations of the event or has any non-entertainment use for profit-making.
  4. If the account is suspected of being abused and / or not eligible for the promotion, iBET reserves the right to ask the member to submit relevant supporting documents to verify for identity verification.
  5. Any individual / team / organization suspected of using dishonest means or fraud for the purpose to cheat/ abuse of bonus, once verified, iBET reserves the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances
  6. By participating in this offer, you are agreeing to the (Terms & Conditions and Application Rules & Regulations)
  7. iBET reserves the right to amend, terminate or the final interpretation of this promotion and to change this event without any prior notice.
  8.  If found illegal betting situation, iBET shall freeze the deposit (including the amount of profit and bonus), the system will automatically clear the balance to zero (0)