iBET Beginner Guide – How to use Self-Deposit

iBET Online Casino has a new version of website with upgraded functions, and members will find it more user-friendly. Self-Deposit spares you from waiting for applying for campaigns. By completing the information in the page of Self-Deposit and choosing the promotion campaigns you’d like to join, your application will be approved right away!

iBET Beginner Guide-How to participate in campaigns – Self-Deposit

Just follow the simple steps below, you can play to your heart’s content in every game section!


Step 1:
Open iBET‘s homepage and enter your member account and password.



Step 2:
Click the “Bonus” button on the toolbar.


Step 3:.
Enter the page of Self-Deposit and fill in the following information:
(1) Select the game section you’d like to play
(2) Select the promotion type you’d like to apply for
(3) Enter the transfer amount
iBET’s kind reminder: The system will automatically calculate the bonus and required rollover after you enter the transfer amount.
(4) Click submit to proceed your application


You can promptly apply for promotion campaigns by the steps above. iBET Online Casino has diverse promotion campaigns. Stay tuned, for we launch more super promotions from time to time, and you can’t get enough of the bonuses!