iBET Promotion – Reward you for every Daily Sign-In

iBET Online Casino launched a new sign treasure map Promotion, members just Sign-In everyday, you can receive free iPONINT and coupons and other gifts! Now follow iBET look down how to dig treasure!

iBET Promotion - Reward you for every Daily Sign-In-2

《Activity Method》

  1. This promotion is entitle for iBET member (All) and successful verified HP number.
  2. Click on the “daily bonus task” image on the left.
  3. After viewing the treasure map, click “GO” can move forward to open the treasure chest.

《Activity Description》

  1. Promotion Period: 00:00:00 (GMT+8) 26/01/2018 to 23:59:59 (GMT+8) 28/02/2018.
  2. This promotion does not require an application, member must successful verification the phone number and daily login account to the active page will receive the treasure.
  3. After obtaining the treasure, member can check the “Prizes record” on the right side of the signing activity page.
  4. Check the sign-in record: may check the “sign-in record” on the right side of the sign-in activity page.
  5. The voucher can used to exchange imoney will only be available in the live game and slot game. After 1 time turnover, the balance of the account is more than RM100 can be withdraw.
  6. The “imoney chip coupons” obtained during the event must be redeemed at 23:59:59 on March 31, 2018. The expiration date will be invalid.
  7. Bonus claim within promotion period by using bonus/coupon credit and bets in slot games, if won Jackpot from the accumulated prize pool, Jackpot pool prize winning amount will be fully donated to philanthropic institutions in Philippines (Customers may request for the receipt of donation).


iBET reward you for every Daily Sign-In Promotion instructions

《Treasure & Number of steps instructions》

  • iPoint

    After obtaining “ipoints”, member can accumulate in iBet account, if member have the “voucher” and “ipoints” for a certain amount, member can exchange to ” imoney chip coupons”.

  • Voucher

    After obtaining the “voucher”, member can use the voucher to exchange “ipoints” for “imoney chip coupons”.

  • Forward & Count the cumulative

    Login to the member account will be able to get the number of steps on the day.

During the activity, member login to the iBet account, but no click “GO” on the check-in activity page, the number of check-ins will accumulate. In order to check the number of steps member can check in the upper right hand side, the “You could move forward 0 times”. The prizes will be handed out immediately after member completed the step and the prizes can be viewed in the “Prizes record”.

《Coupon exchange idea》

Step1. Member allow to check the “Coupon Code” in the Sign In Activity Page ” Prizes Record”.

Step2.The moment of exchanging, please contact our 24 hour customer service to provide your member account, full name and the “exchange coupon code number”. Our customer service will be reviewed in 30 minutes and issue the “imoney chip coupons” to member account.

Step3.Successfully login member account, click「Coupon」at the top, system will redirected the screen , click 「Redeem」

Step4.According to the instructions on the page,select the favor betting game room,enter completed and system will display the transfer amount and bonus which has been transferred successfully into the game room with the required rollover

Step5.Confirm the application and click on「OK」button on below, system will be automatically transfer and bind the amount with bonus into the selected transferred game room

Step6. Completed betting amount / Withdrawal request,you must first go to the「self-promotion」→「 Unlock 」,select the game room to be unlocked to submit request,until the system approved,may re-deposited in the game room to bets/ make withdrawal