Celebrating iBET 5th With A Brand New Lucky Draw Promotion

Celebrate iBET Online Casino 5th anniversary! You are invited to join the festivities, witness our growth, exquisites gifts giveaway!Cumulative deposit of RM100 may immediately obtain one lucky draw chance, lucky draw ticket can be used in live broadcast to win away out grand prize Honda HR-V Mugen!

Celebrating iBET 5th With A Brand New Lucky Draw Promotion
Power Bank Contact Customer Service To Collect Prize
iPOINT System Automatically Distributes
Lucky Draw Tickets Participated Weekly Live Lucky Draw, Lucky Draw Winner May Win Great Value Prizes

* Above prizes must be collected before May 1st,2018, any claim made after May 1st will be deemed invalid。

* The winners of this events are subjected to obligation for cooperate with our company in marketing, promotional photos, filming and etc.

Celebrating iBET 5th With A Brand New Lucky Draw Promotion Description

《Prize Content》

Power Bank Limited 500
iPOINT 50 Point 10,000
20 Point 25,000
15 Point 31,000
10 Point 33,000
5 Point 36,000
3 Point 168,888
Lucky Draw Tickets Limited 10,000 Tickets
(Lucky Draw Tickets Numbers From 0000 to 9999)

《Live Lucky Draw》

iBET launched 10,000 lucky draw tickets,lucky draw tickets numbers from 0000 to 9999,member who has obtained lucky draw tickets,Please remember to watch our weekly live lucky draw,matched numbers can become lucky winner!

Live Broadcast:

April 8(Sunday) 8:00 PM 1. Sign in to your account and click the “Lucky Draw” image on the left.

2. Click “Watch Live” on the left after entering the page of lucky draw.

April 15(Sunday) 8:00 PM
April 22(Sunday) 8:00 PM
April 30(Monday) 8:00 PM

Live Draw Prizes:

Honda HR-V Mugen 1
Samsung Galaxy S9 3
Nintendo Switch 4
Mi band 2 8

* The lucky draw ticket is only valid within promotion period and can be use to participate in our weekly live lucky draw.

* If the prize winner was not drawn during the lucky draw week, the prizes will be accumulated and carried to the next week live lucky draw.

* Lucky draw tickets that are drawn after the start of Live Lucky draw on (20:00:00) will not be able to participate in that week live lucky draw, May only participate in the next weekly Live Lucky draw.

*Lucky Winner will be contacted by iBET via Phone to check prizes and delivery details