iBET Online Casino – Daily Unlimited Rebate Bonus , Double Cash Point Rebates

iBET Online Casino Launches Daily Bonus and Cash Points Double Rewards! Whether you like live casino, slots game, sports or lottery, add a daily Unlimited rebate bonus to your iMoney!

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Membership Rank Normal Silver Gold Platinum Black
Live,Casino Rebate Bonus 0.75% 0.75% 0.75% 0.75% 0.75%
Slot,Rebate Bonus 0.5% 0.6% 0.7% 0.8% 1%
Sportsbook,Rebate Bonus 0.35% 0.35% 0.35% 0.35% 0.45%
Lottery,Rebate Bonus X X X X X
iPOINT,(All,lottery betting and promotion application/
claimed which require rolling of,rollover are not included into iPoint calculation)
Accumulated 200 rollover amount,= 1 iPOINT
(Lottery not included)
Accumulated 190 rollover amount =,1 iPOINT
(Lottery not included)
Accumulated 180 rollover amount,= 1 iPOINT
(Lottery not included
Accumulated 170 rollover amount,= 1 iPOINT
(Lottery not included
Accumulated 160 rollover amount,= 1 iPOINT
(Lottery not included

iBET Online Casino – Daily Unlimited Rebate Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. iPOINT : All Lottery betting with promotions applied which require rolling of rollover are excluded from the calculation, system will be automatically settle the valid betting amount for the previous day and distributed the coupons , settlement  time and distributed time will be the same with withdrawal rolling. (kindly refer to the 2 rules in below)
  2. Withdrawal rolling daily cumulative time are at the day 00:00:00(GMT+8) to 23:59:59 (GMT+8) on the same day, system will be automatically calculates settlement daily at noon 12:00:00 (GMT+8) for member previous day member valid betting amount for those who have not self-claim rebate , the rebate will be distributed on the same day 18:00:00 (GMT+8) , (Sportsbook based on US EAST TIME (BEIJING TIME – 12 Hours), will be based on payout settlement time.)
    Example:  4th January 12:00:00 (GMT+8) system started automatically begin settlement if member did not make the settlement for 3rd January withdrawal rolling and will be distributed at the same day at 18:00:00 (GMT+8)
    ※ Minimum requirement for Self-Rebate are RM1
  3. List of games which are unable to enjoy the rebate bonus
    『Live Casino』All Live casino Blackjack
    『Slot Games』Video poker, Table games, Fishing Games available in all video galleries
    『Lottery』Yun gu hall, GB game room and all bets from KENO, LOTTERY
    『Sportsbook』All invalid, tie, canceled, both side betting (Against betting odds ) and any bets below 1.70 (European Odds) odds (Malay odds 0.70; Hong Kong odds 0.70; Indonesian odds -1.20; U.S. -120) and non-sports will not be counted in the valid bet. (Greyhound race, Number game/Keno and other rebates are not included).