2018 World Cup 32 Hottest Wags-iBET

2018 World Cup 32 Hottest Wags-iBET

The FIFA 2018 World Cup is around the corner. Teams have been announcing their 23-man squads and are in the final preparation for heading to Russia. From 14th Jun. to 15th Jul. 2018, 32 teams will be kicking in the most prestigious international football event for 64 matches on 12 fields. During the World Cup period, the footballers’ wives and girlfriends will be cheering on from the stands. Below are the gorgeous WAGs (footballers’ wives and girlfriends) from all participating nations.

2018 World Cup WAGs

Annie Kilner (Kyle Walker’s girlfriend)

Kyle Walker has been with Annie Kilner since he joined Tottenham Hotspur, and she will be joining him in Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Perrie Edwards (Oxlaid-Chamberlain’s girlfriend)

Oxlaid-Chamberlain has been doing well on and off the field. He has been dating Perrie Edwards of the “Little Mix” girl band since 2017.

Ruby Mae (Dele Alli’s girlfriend)

Dele Alli is one of the most promising stars in England national team, and World Cup 2018 will be his first tournament. His girlfriend will be heading to Russia as part of the team.

Bruna Marquezine (Neymar’s girlfriend)

Neymar might not be doing particularly well in France since his transfer from Barcelona to PSG, but he is doing pretty well in dating the Brazilian model Bruna Marquezine. No wonder he doesn’t turn up often for PSG.

Andrea Duro (Javier Hernandez’s girlfriend)

Javier Hernandez has been dating the Spanish TV actress Andrea Duro since his Bayer Leverkusen days.

Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski’s wife)

Robert Lewandowski will spearhead Poland’s attack in the 2018 World Cup. His wife Anna Lewandowska is also a Polish athlete.

Amal Belhanda (Younis Belhanda’s wife)

Younis Belhanda is a footballer born in France who represents Morocco in joining international tournaments. He married Amal Belhanda few years ago, but we rarely see her in the public eye.

Anastasia Kostenko (Dmitri Tarasov’s girlfriend)

Within just a month after Dmitri Rarasov divorced Olga Buzova, there were news about Anastasia Kostenko being pregnant with Tarasov’s child. Kostenko is a Russian model.

Alexandra Ivarsdottir (Gylfi Sigurdsson’s girlfriend)

Gylfi Sigurdsson’s nation Iceland made headlines in UEFA Euro 2016, and we can expect more miracles from the national team from the smallest population in Europe. Alexandra ivarsdottir cheered him on in UEFA Euro 2016, and she is expected to support him in Russia this year too.

Noémie Happart (Yannick Carrasco’s wife)

Noémie Happart is a Belgium model. She married Yannick Carrasco in 2017, and they moved to China after Carrasco’s transfer.

TugbaŞahin (Nuri Sahin’s wife)

Tugba Sahid married Nuri Sahin in 2007.

Lorelei Taron (Radamel Falcao’s wife)

The tournament this summer is the Falcao’s last international match as he spearheads the highly-rated Colombian team in the 2018 World Cup.

Jessica Sterling (David Ospina’s wife)

Arsenal’s second-choice goalkeeper, David Ospina, is likely to be in goal for Colombia in the 2018 World Cup.

Yoo So-young (Son Heung-Min’s girlfriend)

Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos’s wife)

Pilar Rubio is famous in Spanish TV. She married Sergio Ramos in 2014, and they have three children.

Edurne (David De Gea’s girlfriend)

David De Gea has become the first-choice goalkeeper in the Spanish national team. His longtime girlfriend Edurne will be heading to Russia to support her man.

Lisa Müller (Thomas Müller’s wife)

Thomas Müller is very likely to be the top goal scorer in the World Cup record this summer. His wife Lisa Müller will be supporting her man.

Lena Terlau (Julien Draxler’s girlfriend)

Lena Terlau is very low key and rarely turns up in the public eye. However, she always accompanies Draxler on every major tournament. We can definitely expect to see her in the stands in the World Cup 2018.

Georgina Rodriguez (Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend)

Ronaldo has been with Georgina Rodriguez for several years, and she gave birth to a girl last year.


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