2018 Group B Final Round World Cup Spain vs Morocco Prediction

2018 Group B Final Round World Cup Spain vs Morocco Prediction

Match Time (Malaysia Standard Time) : 26/6/2018 02:00

2018 Group B Final Round World Cup Spain –Morocco Prediction-1

World Cup Group B match last round is around the corner,

Morocco in Group B was confirmed abolished with a result of 2 defeats from its 2 matches, Spain and Portugal earned 4 points respectively and ranked first and second in Group B (currently both teams are marked +1 for conceded goal), Iran has earned 3 points and also has the chance to compete for qualifying into the 16th round.

However, the Spanish side is likely to be eliminated if they lost in the match. In addition, if Portugal lose in the match, the counting of conceded goals between the two teams will be taken, if Spain conceded goal numbers more than Portugal then Spain will be eliminated.


2018 FIFA World Cup NEWS:Group B Final Round Spain vs Morocco Prediction

Group B final round Spain

2018 Group B Final Round World Cup Spain –Morocco Prediction-2

Spain in the last two games played a different kicking style compared with how they used to before even so they still kept the essence stance of their expertise Tiki Taka, however, unlike before the team lacks the attacking power has reduced the threat and caused the opponent having difficulties to past through them right after the opponent manage to get the ball.

The Spanish side in the second half against the Iranian side had passed 772 times, but the overall record was only 5 times in out of 10.

It seems that the Spanish team needs to re-evaluate the way how to handle their opponent defense.


Group B final round match Morocco

2018 Group B Final Round World Cup Spain –Morocco Prediction-3

Morocco’s final round of matches is their farewell match at the 2018 World Cup, Morocco is expected to send mostly second line players into this game to give their players to experience the World Cup match with fun, in the previous two matches, their attacking speed is certainly high during the last game, always managed to lure his opponent to commit foul.In the second round of the match against Portugal, there are also a lots of golden opportunities to score.It is believed that in this no pressure game, they have lots of chance to make a score.


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Both teams have met twice before in history and Spain emerged as a winner in two matches.


In conclusion, this match will end in draw.

Our prediction:Victory Team: Draw

Overall Goal: Less than 2.5 goals

Match Score: Spain 1: 1 Morocco


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