2018 World Cup Group H Match SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Prediction

2018 World Cup Group H Match SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Prediction

Match Time (Malaysia Standard Time): 28/6/2018 22:00

The last two matches of group H 2018 World Cup match are Senegal against Colombia and Japan against Poland. Group H on World Cup this time was seen as group of death, as the four teams’ strengths were well balanced by having outstanding players of their own in all aspects.

After the second round match of Group H, team Poland has been knocked out from the group.

Japan earned 4 points from 1 win. 1 draw and placed first in the group because of the numbers of yellow card given is low.

Senegal also has 4 points and placed second in the group from 1 win, 1 defeat; Colombia scored 3 points and finished third with 1 win, one defeat. Next is the last round of the group that will determine the position of the 3 teams with the result of the match, any two teams who have managed to qualify themselves for the round of 16 will meet the first and second placed team of group G which is England and Belgium.

2018 World Cup Group H Match SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Prediction


2018 FIFA World Cup Group H SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Match Prediction

Senegal in the last round of Group H match

2018 World Cup Group H Match SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Prediction

Senegal has been perfoming well with effective speedy attack during their 2 previous matches, they are often seen using speed to penetrate their opponent’s defense line, they are not very good in terms of organization, but they often use the physique and speed as advantage to make an attack. the instability in defensse of the team is the biggest concern for them, In the last round of the match against Colombia, they need at least a draw to qualify for the round of 16.Otherwise, they will be pray for the defeat of the Japan in their match.Senegal will be face-off with Colombia midfielder and player no.11 (Juan Guillermo Cuadrado), by strengthening the defense of the squad to prevent Colombia attacks.It is expected that Senegal will continue to use their devastating speed to create goals in the last round at the group stage.


Colombia in the last round of Group H match

Team Colombia in group H was one of the favorites of many to enter into the round of 16, they were beaten by Japan in the first round of play, in the 6th minute due to their back wing using his hand to block the goal and has been called out of the match with a red card, at last they lost with score of 2: 1.

In the second game, they used a highly oppressive tactic against their opponent during the whole game.

In addition with having of excellent midfielder, it is difficult for their opponent to switching attacking from defense, in the end they have successfully defeated the opponent with a score of 3-0.

2018 World Cup Group H Match SENEGAL VS COLOMBIA Prediction

Currently Colombia is placed third in Group H with the points of 3 and they need to ensure victory from the last round of the group against Senegal in order to advance into the round of 16, they have a greater pressure compared to Senegal in this match, but it can be seen that their psychological quality is decently high from the last two games, it is believed that this game will not be a big problem for them.

If they can demonstrate excellent performance like they used to in the past two games,  certainly the probability to win the game should be high.


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Both teams met once (1) on match in history with a draw

Friendly Match, 1 Match, Draw


in conclusion, it is anticipated that this match will be in action with the attack on defense and will end up with a high number of scores,

therefore our predictions:

Victory Team: Colombia

Overall goal: More than 2.5 goals

Match Score: Senegal 1: 3 Colombia


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