2018 World Cup Group B Final Round Iran VS Portugal Prediction

2018 World Cup Group B Final Round Iran VS Portugal Prediction

Match Time (Malaysia Standard Time): 26/6/2018 2:00

2018 World Cup Group B Final Round Iran VS Portugal Prediction

The competition between Spain and Portugal in the first round of the 2018 World Cup ended with a score of 3: 3 and it is believed to bring lots of joy for spectators, the performance of C.Ronaldo for saving his team in this game was impressive especially at the end of the match.

Bearing great pressure during penalties and being able to score with a splendid shoot, it shows the importance of psychological quality during in critical moment.

However, in the second round of the match, aside from a goal scored by C.Ronaldo in the 4th minute, the Spanish squad has wasted lot of chances to score.

In the second half, they were forced by an oppressive attack tactic in the first half, creates lot of opportunities attacked, so it is obviously displayed the weakness of the Portugal defense.

The first and second positions in Group B will affect the opposing team in the round of 16, that is the difference from the second and first position of group A, the Russian and Uruguay teams, both teams is not a common foe that you wanted mess with, if they had to pick their opponent between Russia and Uruguay, Russia is an ideal opponent for Portugal which is better in terms of defense.


2018 FIFA World Cup:2018 World Cup Group B Brilliant confrontation Iran VS Portugal Prediction

Group B final round Portugal

2018 World Cup Group B Final Round Iran VS Portugal Prediction

In the final match, Portugal can be assured to have won the game against Iran, the weaker team, if Portugal end the match with a draw then they may qualified to the round of 16. Iran is believed will be initially launch first attack in this match so they can win 3 points to qualify for the round of 16.

The defensive Iranian team in defense will use an attack tactic that is used by Moroccan squad (Morocco) in the previous match to breakthrough Portugal’s defense which is only defended by a pair of defenders whose age is over 30-year-old Pepe and José Fonte.

Despite being able to qualify for the round of 16, this defense line is also the biggest barrier for their advance.


Group B final round Iran

2018 World Cup Group B Final Round Iran VS Portugal Prediction

In the last two rounds, Iran has demonstrated their brilliant defensive power, in the second half against Spain, their defenses are impenetrable.

Only Diego Costa managed to score with a lucky kick, the scored of this goal allowed Spain to win this match with a score of 1: 0.

In the final match against Portugal, Iran will make a major attack on Portugal as they lose 1 point compared to Portugal’s total points, defeating Portugal will secure their advancement into the round of 16.


If Portugal first scored, then Iran needs to turn to the full attack to get score.

It’s not an easy task for Iran.

It is unknown whether Reza Parastesh, known as Iranian Messi, is not in good shape for his first debut in the World Cup, so we predict Portugal will win this game.


Both team met once on battle in history

(World Cup) Portugal Win


Finally conclusion, we predict:

Victory Team: Portugal

Overall goal: less than 2.5 goals

Match Score: Iran 0: 2 Portugal


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