30th May 2018 iBET Live Draw

30th May 2018 iBET Live Draw

Welcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, iBET has prepared lots of national team kits and VIVO V9 smartphones for iBET’s members!

The live draw will be hosted by iBET angels, Victoria & Janice. They will draw out the lucky winners for iBET!

Don’t forget to stay tuned with iBET Live Draws. You could be the big prize winner. Also, you can get RM 10 if you share our live draw to your friends while it is ongoing! What mysterious prizes are coming up next week? iBET angels will be waiting for you in live streams. Stick with us!


30th May 2018: Exciting moments in retrospect

iBET’s kind reminder: How to get the prizes in live draws? Just a deposit of RM 100 on iBET could get you the limited draw tickets with exclusive numbers, and you can match your numbers to those drawn.


The winner list of the live draw on 30th May

Congrats to the following members for winning big prizes! Let’s wear the team kits and cheer on our favorite teams!


Besides live draws, iBET Online Casino also offers free bonus of RM 18 to new registered members during the World Cup. Come get the registration bonus! You can experience iBET game rooms for free and withdraw your profits!

Follow iBET sports play methods introduction to get to know more ways of sports betting. They are so abundant that you’re going to love them no end! Make yourself a big star during the World Cup!

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