26th Jun. 2018 iBET Live Draw

26th Jun. 2018 iBET Live Draw

Your favorite live draw is here again! With the World Cup matches going forward, national teams that will enter the round of 16 are generated one by one. Does the team you support advance successfully? iBET live draw generously prepared PS4+FIFA18 and Switch+FIFA 18, 2 sets for each, in this live draw to celebrate the World Cup with you!

The most beautiful iBET angels, Joyce and Jaquee, are invited to draw out the lucky winners in this live draw!

Watch our live streams and participate in the sharing activity, you’ll get RM 10 bonus for free! Our iBET angels are very considerate and will remind and wait for you to share our live stream out. We hope everyone can get the bonus!


26th Jun. 2018: Exciting moments in retrospect

iBET’s kind reminder: Just a deposit of RM 100 on iBET could get you the limited draw tickets!


The winner list of the live draw on 26th Jun.

How lucky the following members are! Congrats again!


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