15th Apr. 2018 iBET Live Draw

15th Apr. 2018 iBET Live Draw

iBET’s 10,000 draw tickets event is in full swing with positive feedback!

This time, we’ve invited the iBET angels, Flora and Janice, to host the live draw for iBET ! 

This week’s top prize is Samsung Galaxy S9, known as the SLR camera in the world of smartphones. It has the all-around camera with no blind spot!
Let’s check it out now how the iBET angels are going to draw the prize winners!

In addition to Samsung Galaxy S6, iBET is going to prepare different surprising gifts every week exclusively for our members.

Staying tuned with iBET live draw and matching all numbers will get you mysterious prize every week! Don’t forget: The top prize of Apr. is Honda – HRV!

15th Apr. 2018: Exciting moments in retrospect

iBET Tips : A deposit of RM 100 on iBET could get you the limited draw tickets.


The winner list of the live draw on 15th Apr

Congrats to the following members for winning big prizes! For those who didn’t get drawn, chin up! iBET is going to launch more fabulous prizes for all members. You could be the next lucky winner!

20180415 iBET- lucky draw winner

iBET Online Casino will hold live draw every week from now! In 2018, iBET is going to give 10 cars away! Wanna get the car for free? Then you mustn’t miss our weekly live draws! Besides the weekly live draws, iBET promo has also launched other sorts of promotion events such as slot rescue bonus, live casino first deposit bonus, and sports rebate bonus. Go register on iBET right away!


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