iBET Online Casino – 4D lottery Roll-Back play method

There are many ways to play Permutation 4D. Types are various, including iBOX Bet, Reverse Bet, and Permutation Bet. Among all, Roll-Back is a popular one. iBET is going to introduce you Roll-Back today! Players will receive ten sets of digits through Roll-Back, in that way it’ll increase winning chances!

iBET Game Introduction – 4D Roll-Back Intro

Users have to select three numbers first, and then keep it fixed, that it means fixing-front numbers. The last number is the rolling number, covering from 0 to 9. You’ll finally get ten sets of numbers as shown in the following picture.


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4D Roll-Back Illustration:


Permutation 4D is famous in Malaysia with a bunch of playing ways. Roll-Back raises winning chances dramatically. If you want to win 4D prizes, we recommend you to go iBIT SPORT KENO Lottery Game Room to try it out!
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