iBET 4D Lottery play method intro – PT

4D lottery has a variety of play methods, among which Straight 4D Reverse Bet, and 4D Sinlge Bet are the most popular ones. But now iBET would like to share another “PT” play method with you, if you’re a 4D lottery lover, this is the one you shouldn’t miss!

iBET Online Casino takes you to understand more about PT

In PT play method, you need to select four numbers, among which the first three numbers will be in permutation and the fourth number will remain its position. Therefore, six permutations will be generated.
For instance, if your betting number is 1234, with the first three numbers in permutation, you’ll get six combinations which are 1234, 1324, 2134, 2314, 3124, and 3214.

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You can make use of the PT betting method to get more number combinations than you do in other betting methods and further to largely increase your chances of winning. Also, iBET’s Lottery Game always provides the latest winning numbers for you and the ratio of winning prize will be allocated depending on whether you’re betting on Big Bet or Small Bet!

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4D online betting has been the favorable way to betting in lots of players’ hearts in recent years. In addition to placing your betting in person in the betting booths, online betting does bring more convenient service to you. iBET also recommends you going to LOTTERY/KENO Games to purchase 4D lottery tickets. What’s more, for those who love playing lottery games, you can go to GB Games to experience KENO lottery play method!