iBET Online Casino Live Game – Blackjack Introduction

Blackjack is a common gambling game which you have to get all your total values of cards near twenty-one points and compete against the dealer. iBET Game Introduction is going to tell you more about the classic Blackjack this time. Hope you’ll enjoy it !

iBET Online Casino Live Game – Blackjack Introduction


iBET Live Casino Blackjack Online Gameplay and Features

Blackjack is a game for two to six people. Generally, one to eight decks of cards will be used; and it’s fifty-two cards without Jokers in each deck. From two to ten, the credits will be counted as the numbers shown on cards. J, Q, K are all mean ten points (be noted as T). A can be recognized as one or eleven points. It’ll be slightly different among casinos. iBET Live Casino Game is going to introduce you today!


  • Live Blackjack Rules

Two cards will be dealt face up to players. In the game, everyone can select the following actions: Hit, Stand, Double down, Surrender, and Insurance. After player’s actions, it’s the dealer’s turn to say “Hit.”

iBET Online Casino Live Game – Blackjack Introduction


  1. Under twenty-one points, a player can “Hit” till “Stand”. If the sum of card’s value over twenty-one points, it’s called Bust.
  2. Everyone shall keep Hitting until the dealer gets seventeen points to get a Stand. After all player Hit, players should compete their total points against the dealer.
  3. If a player gets BlackJack (card A or T), they win. No need to compare their value with the dealer.
  4. The dealer should keep Hitting until getting seventeen points.

If the first two cards for the dealer is A and six, it’ll be seen as seven points. The dealer shall keep asking Hit then.


Initial deal Put your credits as chips for the bet
Hit Ask for another card
Stand Stop requesting for cards
Split If a player gets two cards with the same points, he can do Split to separate his cards into two individual hands, and the player will be given the second card respectively for the two hands. Also, the player shall bet the same amount on the second hand.
Surrender If a player asks for Surrender after getting two cards, he can get back his half-amount credits
Double down If a player thinks he’ll win this game, he may press “Double down” to double the bet amount.
Insurance If the dealer gets A, a player can buy Insurance. Insurance amount would be a half of the bet amount

※ If the dealer gets BlackJack; the player can get the double amount of Insurance.

※ If the dealer doesn’t get BlackJack; the player will lose Insurance.


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