iBET 4D Lottery – Permutation 4D Roll-Front

4D is a popular lottery game in Malaysia with many derivative playing ways, such as 4D Permutation Bet, Reverse Bet, and 4D Sinlge Bet. In the following paragraph, iBET is going to introduce you 4D Straight Bet Roll-Front. Players will receive ten sets through Roll-Front, which increase the winning rate. It’s a popular playing way offered by all companies.

iBET Online Casino – 4D Roll-Front Introduction

Roll-Front is unique. Literally, Roll-Front means remaining the back three numbers, which are selected by users. Confirm the numbers and remain. The first number, which is from zero to nine, is rolling. It’ll be ten sets in total.

For instance, 123 are Roll-Front numbers. It’ll be shown in the following picture:

Rolling Number Roll-Front Set
0 123 0123
1 123 1123
2 123 2123
3 123 3123
4 123 4123
5 123 5123
6 123 6123
7 123 7123
8 123 8123
9 123 9123

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  • Roll-Front Ticket:
iBET Permutation 4D - Roll-Front-Roll-Front Ticket


If a user chooses Roll-Front, it’s same as buying ten sets at once. It raises the winning chance dramatically!


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