iBET Online Casino 4D Lottery Intro – Permutate

4D lottery is the most popular lottery game in Malaysia and Singapore. There are quite a lot of play methods like Straight bets, Reverse bets, iPerm bets and much more. What’s especially popular is the Permutate (Pusing) in iPerm bets! iBET has complied the play method of Permutate (Pusing) for you and wish you a great time in playing it!

iBET Game Introduction – How to Play 4D Permutate

The play method of Permutate (Pusing) is very special. Supposed that the four numbers you selected are 1, 2, 3, and 4, then in Permutate (Pusing), you will have 24 combinations which are the permutations of the selected four numbers. This also means that it will cost you 24 dollars to place one betting as you’ll get 24 combinations at a time. Permutate (Pusing) has higher chances of winning, compared with Straight bets. As for the winning prize, the odds will vary according to Big Bet or Small Bet.

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The table below shows how many different combinations will be generated from your selected numbers.

iBET Online Casino 4D Lottery Intro - Permutate


The illustration of betting on Permutate ( Pusing ):

iBET Online Casino 4D Lottery Intro - Permutate


Generally, you need to go to betting stations to purchase the lottery tickets when you’d like to play 4D lottery. But now, there’s no need to go back and forth anymore! iBET recommends you place online betting on iBET iBIT SPORT/KENO. By doing so, the back-and-forth journey is spared. Limitations of operating hours are removed. You can play whenever you want!

What’s more, there’s a GB Games where lots of online lottery games can be found and a special KENO play method is waiting for you to challenge it!

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