iBET Online Casino – 4D Lottery Game Intro – Single

The play methods and rules of 4D lottery are pretty diversified. Single and Reverse are the play methods deeply loved by many players. Now, iBET Game Introduction is going to introduce you the unique Single play method!

iBET Online Casino Lottery Game Introduction – 4D Single Rules

Single in 4D is an easy play method. You can select a four-digit number you prefer from 0000 to 9999. No matter the number you choose is based on your birthday, ID number, or lucky number, it is enough as long as you decide a four-digit number for yourself. This four-digit number without any permutation is the way of Single play method.

The first group of straight number The second group of straight number Total amount you should pay
1128 2238 2 x RM1 = RM2

The betting slip sample of Single is as follows:

iBET Online Casino - 4D Lottery Game Intro - Single


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