iBET Game Introduction – 40 Paylines Slot Games

iBET Online Casino Malaysia Slot machine is a common game in casinos. It attracts tons of players no matter in brick-and-mortar casinos or in online casinos because it is easy to play, and the rules are simple to understand. Now it is so well-known and has become one of the popular entertainments. Today iBET Game Introduction is going to take you to know more about 40 Paylines Slot more.

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iBET Game Introduction – 40 Paylines Slot Games Features

Slot machine has evolved into a variety of types, yet the original model is to spin the reels and win the game when three identical symbols shown in the middle as the reels stop. Though you can find many different types of slot machines nowadays, the basic concept is still the same, that is, as long as the same symbols show on the same line, you can win the game. From the illustration below, the yellow line represents the line you bet and you’ve won the game since the three same symbols of 7 appear on the same line.

iBET Game Introduction – 40 Paylines Slot Games-777


To fulfill players’ needs, multi-line slot machines are available now. The so-called multi-line means that there are multiple paylines on the slot machine so you can highly increase your chances of winning with various paylines. Take 40-line slot machine as an example, there are 40 lines on it and you can choose to bet on any type of these paylines. As long as the same symbols appear on the paylines you bet, you can win the prize of that line.

iBET Game Introduction – 40 Paylines Slot Games-won lines


Though the playing method of multi-line slot machine raises the chances of winning, it also increases your bet amounts as extra bet amount is required whenever you add more paylines in your bet. Figuring out how to find a perfect balance between the odds of winning and the bet amount is also important in playing multi-line slot machine.

The playing method of slot machine though simple, the various versions do create more interests and fun. iBET recommends you another slot type, 25-line slot machine, which is more diverse and will bring you different experiences!


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