iBET Beginner Guide – How to collect rebate by yourself

iBET Online Casino has greatly upgraded its rebate application. Self-Rebate allows you to submit your application at any time. The system will do the calculation and make it fast and convenient for you to collect your rebate!

iBET Beginner’s Guide – tell you How to use iBET  self-rebate

iBET guides you how to easily collect rebate on your own with the following steps!

Step 1:

Open iBET‘s homepage and enter your member account and password.


Step 2:

Click the “Bonus” button on the toolbar.


Step 3:

Please follow the steps below to apply for your rebate:

(1) Click Self-Rebate in the page of bonus

(2) Select the game section

(3) The system will automatically input information in the fields of Start to deadline, Valid amount, and Rebate bonus.

(4) Click the submit bottom to complete your application

iBET’s kind reminder: The system will automatically transfer the rebate bonus to iMoney after you submit the application.


Follow iBET‘s Beginner Guide to know how to promptly apply for rebate. Whenever you submit the application, our system will handle settlements for you. Self-Rebate has never been so easy! Go visit iBET’s live casino, electronic and sports games to get the rebates as many as you want!