iBET Online Casino Beginner’s Guide – How to register

iBET has been the most excellent online casino in Malaysia. To provide better service to all players, iBET has continued optimizing our website and make it more user-friendly. Now follow the instructions below to register and experience the gaming excitement on iBET!

iBET Help Center – How to easily become a member

Let iBET guide you how to open your account and register as iBET‘s member with the following steps!


Step 1.

Enter iBET’s homepage.


Step 2.

Click the “SIGN UP” button in the upper right corner to enter the registration page.


Step 3.

Follow the instructions to fill in the information and tick the square box of terms of service upon completion. Then click “Sign Up” to create your account on iBET successfully!



【iBET Tips】

-Account: Your account should begin with an alphabet and be 3-9 letters long. Space, full-width characters, and special symbols are excluded.
-Password: Your password should be 6 letters long and contain both alphabets and numbers.
-Real name: It is not allowed to amend your name after registration. The registered name should be the same as the name of your binding account, or the amounts cannot be dispensed. If there’re duplicate names and you cannot create the account successfully, please contact iBET’s customer service.


It will automatically jump back to iBET’s homepage after you successfully create your account. When the human icon shows up, it means you’ve logged in successfully!


Congratulation! You are a member of iBET Online Casino ! Now, follow create your profile page Tutorial To Activate Your Account, and then enjoy interesting games and attentive services in iBET !