Tutorial For Register iBET Online Casino on Mobile

iBET online casino has the most integrated game rooms and a user-friendly platform. Only by following the tutorial below and registering here, you can enjoy iBET Gameroom on your mobile devices at any time. Play at iBET anywhere !

Steps For Register iBET Online Casino on Mobile

Let iBET show you how to register in three simple steps !


Step 1

Please access the iBET Online Casino homepage on your mobile device.

You also could use computer to register >> iBET Teaches You to Register in iBET Online Casino .


Step 2

Click the icon that the cursor points to access the registration page.

iBET Online Casino – Registering on Mobile-icon


Step 3

Follow the instruction on the page to fill out the registration form.

iBET Online Casino – Registering on Mobile-fill form


After completing the form, you can click “REGISTER NOW” to complete the registration!

iBET Online Casino – Registering on Mobile-register now


【iBET Tips】

– User Name: Account must begin with a letter, length 3-9 characters, it does not contain null, fullwidth, or special characters.
– Password: Registered password must be 6 digits above and contains alphanumeric combinations(not including Special symbols).
– Full Name: Name will not be modified after the registration (including the traditional characters, spaces, numbers), the registered name should be the same with your bank account name.


Congratulation! When the image appears as the pop-up window shown below, you’ve been registered successfully at iBET Online Casino !

You can also learn more about  service through iBET Mobile Version .

iBET Online Casino – Registering on Mobile-successful


Finally, please refer to iBET Online Casino Activating Your Account on Mobile to learn how to activate your account and create your profile. Then, you can have the completed services as well as our special iMONEY service. You can also withdraw your credits from iMoney to your bank account !