iBET Beginner’s Guide – How to log in

iBET welcomes 2018 by launching a brand-new version of platform with optimization in functions and interfaces, only to make the operation faster and more convenient for our members! Are you worrying about the unfamiliarity with the new website? Now follow iBET‘s Help Center to complete login process in 2 steps.

iBET Beginner’s Guide – Instructions on log-in steps

iBET Help Center guides you how to log in to your account in 2 steps!


Step 1:
Enter iBET’s homepage.


Step 2:
Please enter your account and password in the website and click the “Sign In” button to proceed.

iBET Beginner’s Guide – Instructions on how to log in


【iBET Tips】

If you enter the password wrongly more than 3 times, our system will detect it as an abnormal activity and ask for further verification. If you’d like to continue Sign In, please enter a verification code.

iBET Beginner’s Guide – Instructions on how to log in


Congrats for logging in iBET smoothly! If you forget your password and couldn’t log in to your account, you can easily get your password by changing your password!