iBET Beginner Guide You How to Download AG Games Room

Malaysia iBET Online Casino is going to introduce you how to download AG games, which is also one of the most popular games in iBET malaysia. In addition to live casino games and slot games, AG also offers the exciting baccarat where players can directly interact with beautiful dealers! Don’t hesitate to follow iBET beginner guide to know steps for downloading AG gameroom or you can follow iBET Gameroom Introduction to knoe more about AG !

iBET Beginner Guide – How to Download AG Games Room Tutorial


Step 1

Enter iBET homepage ( https://ibet6888.com ) and sign in to your account.
When a icon shows up on the page, it means you have logged in successfully.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-login


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Step 2

Find AG in the room and then click “Download” to proceed further.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-download


Step 3

The “Login Account” shown on the page is for player to use on the game page. So please click “Copy” to copy the account in advance.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-copy


Step 4

Click the “Download” button, and the game file will be downloaded automatically.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-download2


Step 5

After the download is finished, you can find the “iBET_Setup.exe” file in your downloads folder. Please click the icon to start installation procedures.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-iBET_Setup


Step 6

Please follow the installation steps shown on the screen, and paste “Login Account” in username’s blank. Also, please type in your iBET password ( the same as you use to login on iBET’s website) and click “Login”.

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-iBET_Setup-login2


You’re free to enjoy all AG games after entering game!

iBET’s Guide – How to Download AG Games-iBET_Setup-AG


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