iBET Beginner Guide PC version helps you retrieve your password easily

iBET Online Casino brand-new website is launched! Members can enjoy our comprehensive excellent services and secured system. If you forget your password, don’t worry, iBET will help you retrieve it easily!

iBET Beginner’s Guide Simple steps to retrieve your password easily

iBET offers a secured environment where you can enjoy the games at ease all the time!


Step 1:
After entering iBET’s homepage, please click the password field “forget?” button on the top of the page.


Simple steps to login on iBET >> iBET Online Casino Instructions on signing in to your gaming account


Step 2:
iBET offers 2 ways to get your password back.

  1. Online customer service
  2. Email


  • Option 1: Online customer service

Please contact online customer service and submit required data for verification. Our customer service will verify your information and make sure that you do possess the account.


  • Option 2: Email

Please follow the instructions to compose your email. Please click “submit” upon completion, and a new password will be sent to your mail address.


【iBET Tips】

You can go checking your mailbox for the new password as soon as you submit the request. To ensure the account privacy, it is suggested to reset the password after log-in.


Congrats for changing your password successfully. If there’s still any query regarding account or password, please feel free to consult our professional iBET Online Customer Service. Our team will help you solve every problem!